You’d Have Thought I Was Dying

August 8, 2012 @ 9:49 PM | Annoyed with Comments Off on You’d Have Thought I Was Dying | Print This Post

I swear at the rate my leaving has gone through the hospital you’d swear I was on my death bed.

There has never been any great love between me and most of the chairman’s office because I don’t play their idiotic and childish games. I have a brain and I’m damn sure going to use it and if it doesn’t fit in with what you’re thinking so be it.

That being said I just wanted to quietly go out next Friday without so much as a whooped de do. Boy was I wrong. I should have known better to because those people are blabber mouths extraordinaire. One of the many things that irritates me about those people. I also heard through the grapevine that they want me to train whomever they hire. Now mind you I put in my 2 weeks notice last Friday. A generic job description got posted for SIX, yes count them SIX days only. Not sure how you are going to get much talent in those 6 days and most likely miss just about everybody who would even want to apply due to the short time frame.

They are absolutely nuts which is making me nuts at this point and my 7 days left can’t go by fast enough. Funny part of all of this is to is the fact that I STILL need to take some vacation days off because they will only pay me 360 hours of vacation leave and I have more than that. That’s okay, I’m gonna be laughing my ass all the way to the bank in 2 months when I get that check. That’s what I plan on living on and part of my school loans until June. Plus a part-time job.

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