Wow, Just Wow

January 23, 2014 @ 2:44 AM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Wow, Just Wow | Print This Post

frazzledI despise technology companies sometimes. We were told that a program worked on Windows 7 as we are upgrading all the computers. low and behold after we upgrade the program doesn’t work. Shocker.

It was a 2 man team to get these running as I did one part and he got that program working. The other person went back in at 6 AM this morning and called the company again because we were there until almost 8 PM last night. Once we got the company they then told us that no, it doesn’t work on Win7. Can you say WTF? We were told it did work 2 weeks ago. So then we reimage these computers not once but twice because the first one was a wrong image for it to work on. THEN 3 HOURS later they email with instructions that it DOES in fact work on Win7. I mean WTF. This time we are putting it on some boxes to test out to verify before we go through that again. I mean what a cluster fuck.

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