Wow, Just Wow

August 4, 2012 @ 1:49 AM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Wow, Just Wow | Print This Post

Well, I put in my 2 week notice today. I was a bit taken aback due to the fact that he was so nice and then proceeded to hug me. 😕

This is the guy that tried to get me fired when he first got there because our personalities clash. This is the guy who’s gonna run the division into the drain because he has no idea what he’s doing regarding the financial side of everything. Whatev, 2 weeks to go.

Then our nurse proceeded to tell me I need to stay to make up 28 years for full retirement. I went off on her because I am sick to death of people telling me what I NEED to do. It’s MY damn retirement, MY damn life and I’ll do what makes ME happy. I’m not living for someone else. I still get the money when I hit 65 so who cares if it isn’t the FULL amount. Holy shit people. I know I won’t get the full amount and I’m not taking it out of the system so it will still grow. People need to mind their own damn retirement instead of mine.

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