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Finally got my students loans approved through the system. Took them long enough too considering the final due date was this Friday. Nothing like the last minute to push things through even though I’ve had the approval letters for months now. This means I get to put my 2 weeks notice in to work next Friday. I C A N N O T wait for this. I’m thrilled to be leaving due to most of the people I have to work with but will be sad to not see some of the patients on a regular basis anymore. There were quite a few cute kids that I enjoyed seeing each time they came.

I have already talked to the person who runs the camp I take the kids to each year and he said I can continue to do so and I know it won’t be an issue with the local facility it all goes through either so at least I can still see some of them on a yearly basis unless I pass them on the streets somewhere which is likely as well since I know for a fact some of them live around me. So the only one left after I go from our original crew will be one of the nurses. I’ve already cleaned up what I can and have tried to make everything as neat and clear as possible but I know things will go downhill after I’m gone. A lot of the parents also have my cell phone number which I’m okay with and will most likely get quite a few phone calls after I am gone if I do not see them beforehand to let them know.

It is time to move on though. I only have 2 more semesters to complete my second degree and then the world is my oyster so to speak.

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    Woohoo! Good for you. 🙂 That’s really nice about camp, you seem to really enjoy that and I’ll bet you make a lot of kids happy with your enthusiasm.