When Is Enough Enough?

June 24, 2012 @ 10:41 PM | General with 1 Comment | Print This Post

When do you just say “I’m done with you” and move on? Apparently my neighbor hasn’t figured that out. She’s been seeing this guy for like 4-5 years. Every year around the time his wife’s death comes up he goes on this biker kick and finds some woman hard core into that lifestyle to hang with and ditch my neighbor for a few weeks. Then he goes back to her. Well, apparently he got remarried back in March and she just found out 2 weeks ago. She changed her locks to her house and returned the van she was using of his. Who’s van do I see sitting in her driveway daily for the past 4 days? His. Unbelievable on both ends of that if you ask me. He claimed he got remarried because he needed a beneficiary for his life insurance and all the properties and such he owns. Well, you don’t have to be married to do all that folks, you just need to make a will and have it in writing.

I’ve been in something similar to that with one of my exes. Once I found out he was cheating it was over and done with. I won’t put up with that. What’s it been like 8-9 years later, 2 guys I was seeing for a short period of time and I’m still alone. So be it. I’ve come to terms it will just be me and my animals and once the dogs are gone I will be going back to cats so I guess I will be the crazy cat lady soon enough.

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    // June 25th, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    What an amazing site. So glad I visited. It really is hard to say good-bye sometimes and then there are others who just do not seem to have enough high self-esteem to let the cheaters go. I am having a hard time believing your neighbor though. If this guy needed to be married to someone why not your neighbor? At least that would be the question I would be asking if I were your neighbor, Why not me? Let the married man go home to his new wife.