When Friends go to Prison

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So another day after class I want to stop by the local joint for some food because I was starving as usual. Well, as usual as of late the parking lot is completely empty so I know they are not open. I start texting people by this time because it has been 2 weeks now it has been like this. I get no response from one of the managers. I then text a friend who always goes up there to see if she knows and she doesn’t but as luck would have it she is already at Buffalo Wild Wings with her husband so I go up there to eat with them.

We finally one of the other managers on the phone to talk to us and find out that the owner was arrested at her house for drugs (cocaine, meth, etc) and guns by the FBI. Well now, isn’t this interesting. We knew she was doing drugs for quite a while in fact but the gun situation was a new twist. She has been dating this same biker since she split and divorced her ex who she is supposed to marry this November. So we’ll see if that comes to fruition or not as I’d bet he got arrested at the same time but sadly we know not his full name to check the website.

Needless to say her parents came down to bail her out and they currently have custody of her daughter. Not sure how long or even IF she will reopen her restaurant as everybody who’s anybody has already gotten wind of what went down and she may not want to show her face ever again but we’ll see.

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