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Been a while I know. I’ll try to make more updates often but it has been hectic with work and school. I graduate this semester for my first degree and 2 semesters for the second one.

Anywho, the purpose of this post. I’m amazed at how some people are still alive after shootings, especially this one. One of my bosses adult patients was mixed up with something over the weekend. Four people ended up getting shot and one person died that night or rather early AM. The story my boss received as he told it to me was that the man was shot 10 times! Yes, 10. I could not believe that the man was still alive. My boss said the person doing the shooting must not have been looking properly or was seriously a poor shot. After a while he ended up talking to one of the nurses where he sees the patient at and she said no he was only shot 8 times and I’m like 8 – 10 whats the difference really because I’m just shocked he is still alive! They still have not caught the person yet either.

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