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Talked with my ex coworker today about the witch. Apparently she still hasn’t done anything. She finally got access to the medical records system and the scheduling system but is refusing to schedule the patients now. Hows that? She still hasn’t done any filing. Apparently she spends A LOT of her time on the phone talking to who knows but it is not work related. My ex coworker is eagerly waiting for anyone to ask her how she thinks the witch is doing so she can say everything that has been going on and what she has been saying to everybody but the physicians and the nurse about how she just wanted in the door and then to transfer. I still would love to know where she really wants to go though.

I also mentioned to my ex coworker that I was still looking for a job and that I have been applying across the board from retail, fast food, restaurants, admin in any field to IT which is what my degrees are in. I have only been denied on 2 occasions (one with the post office which didn’t make sense and another one I can’t even remember now). All the many other applications I have applied for I have not heard one iota. She did say oh ya I did hear her ask who she should transfer a couple calls to about verifying employment. Obviously that would be me because my boss is retired. Anyways, she was told to send them to the 2nd person in control of our departments HR instead of the main HR which is probably where it should have gone since I was there longer than the 17 years in that one department. Ya, I don’t foresee that going over well. Most everybody over in that area dislikes me because I don’t cower down to stupidity.

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