Paranoid Much?

October 23, 2012 @ 4:27 AM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Paranoid Much? | Print This Post

Oh my gosh some people shouldn’t have administrative rights to their work computers, much less a computer in general. The dean at the college is always having to get a new image on his computer because he keeps changing everything in his registry “to make it more secure” as he puts it. 😕

Now take a guess at “who” the people are that are trying to get into his system. The Chinese. Uhh, yeah..

I think he’s going to lose his admin rights to be able to do this stuff this go around. This will be his fifth re image this month alone. The time before this one, his computer was re imaged and within that same day he was already calling the helpdesk back saying it computer was screwed up again because he CHANGED THE REGISTRY.


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