My New Job

March 29, 2011 @ 11:24 PM | General with Comments Off on My New Job | Print This Post

Um, I should have started to count how many days I come home from work and have to clean the kitchen from crummies and essentially squeegy out the sponge to satisfy my OCD of cleanliness. I’d prefer not to supply bugs or mice with food. So let’s just make this day #2. This way it is written down and we can all keep track. The animals were outta water again too. Side door was open which I don’t have a problem with so long as the furnace doesn’t kick in. The temps weren’t too bad today though – had a high of 18C but I wonder how many times the furnace kicked in/out.

So when is it appropriate to ask for rent money if they are out of a job but do get a monthly check from somewhere else? The roommate’s been here for a few weeks and not even a mention of hey I’ll pay you —-. I mean I can understand if the monthly check isn’t much but just let a person know right? I’m such a sucker. You know when I lived with my ex I paid for everything too. I think I must have Looser stamped on my forehead.

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