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The woman that replaced me at the hospital is becoming a menace if you ask me. I’m getting more horror stories from patients parents after they have any interaction with her.

So, I had dinner with a patient and his mother who I am very good friends with. She just happened to have gotten her house robbed by her niece so she could score drugs. The niece and boyfriend stole all her Christmas money and other money she has been saving and hiding in their bedroom, jewelry, and the childs medication. The cops say they were on the way back to get all the electronics because they saw someone walking down the road. She immediately put in a security system so they can TRY but will be arrested. Because of that she had to cancel her appointment and reschedule.

The parent called and spoke to the witch (have no idea what this woman’s name is but this seems apropos) she asked her why she could not make the appointment. Seems reasonable if you actually know them because I would have asked especially knowing this was a transplant patient, and I actually care. Well the parent said she did not have the means at the time because she did not want to tell her she got robbed. Who would tell a total stranger you know?

The witch wouldn’t make her another appointment yet and asked her again why can you not make your appointment and the parent was like fine, I was robbed and cannot afford to come at this time, may I have another appointment now? The witch goes – but WHY can you not make your appointment? Seriously?

She’s not the only one either. I have had a couple other phone calls now regarding this woman. AND she is still telling anybody who will listen that she is not staying in that position. I don’t foresee her staying on before she has time to transfer honestly.

Oh and I forgot to mention that when phone calls come in for one of the physicians who is NEVER in his office she will tell them I have not seen him all day and have no idea where he is. Really? You don’t tell people that. :uhh:

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    Well, it’s nice to know you’re missed. 🙂