Living Alone

March 25, 2011 @ 12:08 PM | General with Comments Off on Living Alone | Print This Post

So I decided to start a new blog incognito so as not to knowingly and wittingly piss off my family or roommate. The family I’m not to concerned about because I think my bridges there have been burned a long, long time ago. The roommate is a friend who moved here recently and hopefully will be able to keep as a friend. So let’s introduce you to some of the players which include mother aka Satan, sister aka B*itch, and the roommate.

So the roommate moved in not to long ago. With that comes some adjustments on my part and the roommate’s because I haven’t had a real roommate in about 10 years. There have been things that annoy me. And just to make sure you realize about me – I have a touch of OCD and that’s putting it mildly lol

So with that let’s get this ball rolling because I have enough right now to keep you people entertained for a few weeks.

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