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This semester I’ve actually managed to get some regular reading in which has shocked me. There’s really only one book I need to read for quizzes and I’m glad. The first one you will probably recognize as the second book in the series of The Lightening Thief. Call me crazy but I like reading teen books. The second one is a teen book as well and at first I could have sworn I read it before but once I got further in I couldn’t remember anything so obviously I had to finish it. I still think I may have read it or maybe it was another book that was similar to that one. Usually I have a keen recollection when I’ve read something before which is why I buy so many books because it is not fun for me to reread something I have already read as I remember what happens. I like to be surprised and/or shocked about things that go on while reading. I’m almost finished reading the last one. The only reason I bought that one was because it was based in my state.

Maybe one day my archived books will be greater than the the ones I need to read. Right now I’m at 101 books I need to read. I keep finding free ones that interest me so of course I have to add them since their free. No harm no foul. I didn’t waste any money if I didn’t like it.

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