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Well peeps it looks like I am in the area for a new career. My boss is finally going to retire this October and I can finally leave the hospital after almost 22 years. I will be going out before him if I get everything straightened out with my financial aid. What I am hoping to do is get a loan for the last 2 semesters and do some work study as some of my classes. This way I get paid to be there as well as learn and hopefully get hired afterwards. If I get all my paperwork together and get the loan then I will leave in August because that is when fall classes start. I will be making sure there is extra money in the loan so I can pay at least one months worth of bills because I will not get paid my vacation leave from the hospital until 2 months after I leave in one lump sum. I always carry around a balance of at least 360 hours so that will be one hefty check even after it gets raped of taxes.

There is a job opportunity I would love to apply for which would still be in the state retirement system and very close to my house but I am not sure they would work with my summer class schedule and since I already have it all set up where I am at now it is just easier to stay especially since my boss will still be there. You have no idea how happy I will be when I leave though. The way things have been going and the things that were done in the way they were done is just horrendous. I know we will have our own party at my bosses house when he goes because there will be 3 of us leaving at the same time as that was our pact since we have been together for so long. I will be going just a couple months early though due to my school situation.

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