Interesting Development

February 3, 2013 @ 12:36 AM | General with Comments Off on Interesting Development | Print This Post

hospital Just got a phone call from one of my ex coworkers at the hospital. Apparently the secretary from one of the divisions quit and that physician is looking into me replacing her part time as he doesn’t want anybody full time. Now, the interesting thing in all of this is the fact that I used to do that job in addition to my normal job for a few years because he couldn’t keep anybody in that position and apparently still can’t.

They have already contacted personnel asking about me and I had no clue. The physician is sick right now but he is supposed to call me sometime next week to see if I might be interested. Uh, hells ya since I still don’t have a regular part time job. I can do the books and whatever else for this construction company on Saturday. The only thing that would suck now if/when I do go back is I don’t have my parking spot in the garage anymore. :sick: This also wouldn’t add anymore to my retirement fund since I’d be part time. I’d also hope that I’d get the same amount I went out on too because I don’t see why I should receive anything less.

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