October 15, 2012 @ 5:15 AM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Ignored | Print This Post

So my boss retired from the hospital July 1st after 29 years at the institution. This past Wednesday they had his retirement party. I know right? I say party in a very loose term as it was more of a wine and cheese thing with this cheesy ass slide show. I wanted to hurl almost it was so bad.

I was chatting with our nurse who still works there and the nurse from the clinic who also retired in July. One of the docs who still works there came up to us and didn’t say hi, how you doing, what’s been going on since you have left but immediately asked the nurse who still works there a question and walked off. Unreal. I didn’t even bring it up, Ms. Rose, the retired clinic nurse said something to me about it right afterwards lol.

I could only stay an hour which was how long the presentation lasted and then I had to head to class. I’m sure we’ll talk about it when we have lunch or something because I still talk to my boss and nurses.

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