I Quit!

April 11, 2012 @ 8:28 PM | General with Comments Off on I Quit! | Print This Post

My boss put his in official resignation a few days ago just like he was told he was not going to be division head anymore – via email. Seems fitting to me. They cannot not accept it and you only need to give 2 weeks notice. He is giving 3 weeks notice as his last day with be April 30th. Now all hells going to be breaking lose around here and I CANNOT wait for the after math. Seriously! The 2 jokers left will see how it is with no 3rd person taking call. I’d like to see it with only 1 person taking call like he did for YEARS because we could not find anybody to hire.

I will be leaving in August right before fall semester starts and my final semester for my second degree. I still have a pell grant for summer semester and need to leave work early every Monday for 5 hours at the college. I do not think it prudent to leave now when that is already set up as I was already approved to leave early every Monday for this and I am sure if I found a new job they may not like the idea of me requesting something like that right off the get go as well as I will be taking the kids to camp again in June. I won’t be receiving the pell grant for the fall semester because I made too much money last year so I am going to go for a student loan for that 1 semester and to pay my bills during that semester because I want to do work study for credits as that will be part-time during the day and would interfere with a full time job. This would also help me hopefully get hired full time where ever I might end up.

I also get my vacation leave paid to me in one lump sum 2 months after I leave here at whatever salary I leave with. I ALWAYS carry around 360+ hours. I make more than $20/hr but just figuring $20/hr it comes to just over $7000 and taking a 30% cut for taxes would end up around $5000 to live off of in case I cannot find anything immediately. I graduate this semester for my first degree in Information Systems and in the fall for Network Telecommunications. I have already gotten a number for a guy to get my medical insurance to cover in between because with all of my back problems cropping back up now I will need it. I’m still waiting for a steroid shot and the appointment I have for that isn’t until May 2nd so I have some Motrin, Tramadol, and Percocet to use until then 😕

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