I Nearly had a Heart Attack

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I went to the college tonight as it was my last final for the semester. Class starts at 7:30 PM. A few of the students were already there before me waiting in the hall. They said our classroom was closed and locked. We couldn’t figure out why and if maybe it got rescheduled to Wednesday which is our other class day even though today was actually the last day of the semester. I had checked our online portion of the class earlier in the day to see if I had gotten any of my other final grades posted yet. There was no emails from the professor.

We all start logging into our accounts while there to see what happened only to find 2 emails from the prof with one stating the final started at 6 PM and we missed it. We were like WTF because we weren’t told about this. We then went to our class page and looked and there was no mention of a time change, just that the final was today.

Well, each of called him and had to leave a voicemail because he didn’t answer the phone. We then left to go home and write emails to the prof and his boss because that was messed up and we wanted to know when we could take it.

On the way home though I called another student because he wasn’t on the email list of the missed. He called me back and he didn’t know it started at 6 PM either. He just so happened to be at the college waiting for class to start like any other day because he comes straight from work. He was sitting in the vending area when another student walked by and told him that his final had already started and he was like WTF too but he walked around the corner and took it.

I get home and log into my school account and there are 2 more emails from the prof stating that he thought he had told us of the change or it was written somewhere, in which, he couldn’t find it either. He wasn’t even here last week because he had to go to the Philippines to set up a network for the military so I don’t see how he told us.

Well, obviously I opened that sucker up immediately and took the final. I just hope the others opened their accounts immediately too like they said they were going to do because he only gave us a 4 hour window to take it with an hour for the final itself.

So, my grades this semester were:
Internship: 100
Linux: 98
Ethical Hacking: 94
Cisco: Not sure but I’m betting a B – that’s the final I just took

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