How Odd

July 10, 2012 @ 3:02 AM | General with Comments Off on How Odd | Print This Post

So I finally got registered for an Internship for my second degree. I had also preregistered for Work Study which is completely different I found out. And if you want to get credit for a Co-op job you have to be in a job in your field to begin with. Now I was correct in that you get paid for Work Study and a Co-op but an internship you do not. Now what really got me was the fact that I am actually paying for this internship like a regular class but not getting a paycheck either even though I will have to show up for like 5-6 hours 2-3 times per week.

I was told though that most likely after I have started because I already have one degree I might get bumped up to a paying position since I may know more than the other people who will be there as well. That would be nice so I can have some extra cash for things like a new set of tires and alignment since my cars shakes and rattles horribly right now because the alignment is shot which is distressing the tires and making things all around worse. I also still need to buy contacts after my eye virus fiasco.

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