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I don’t think frazzled covers what I’m feeling at this point. I got a message stating I needed to call the internet people to get the roommate added to my service. Now mind you I still haven’t received any money or even a notion of when that might occur. I already have an enormous bill right now from having to pay a month in advance like they always want when you change service to anything. This would entail probably another 75€ to get it going on top of my bill.

I get home and fill the animals water and ask exactly what I am supposed to do and just essentially blew up at that point. I just couldn’t deal with it at that time and went to my room to do some work and then went out to which I get an immediate message saying sorry I upset you and that remember I have half the bills. Whens that happen is what I should have sent but I was too mad. But really, when does that happen?

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