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Woo, working my way pretty quickly through 4 more books. The last one I read was Thomas Hoover’s Syndrome and I thought that might take forever as my Nook told me it was 759 pages long but come to find out it wasn’t converted properly and the page numbers jumped anywhere from 2-5 pages at a time which was odd and I didn’t really figure that out until I was in the 600 range lol

I must say the Mabry series are quite interesting. I just realized I went from book one to book 3 though so I’m going to have to find book 2 somewhere and if I don’t have it then buy it. I have over 100 books in my list to read so I’m trying to start from the back and work my way to the newest ones but it may take some time.

I have a week left on my Christmas break from college and I think I might be able to squeeze in 3-4 more books I hope. Then back to the grind stone of college which really isn’t that much of a grindstone lol. I’m still applying for more part time jobs because the one I’m doing now really can be done in one day a week sort of setting.

Are any of you rapid book readers like me? Do you prefer the actual books or electronic versions? I love the smell of new and old books but at this point I just don’t have the room for them. I got rid of my humungous entertainment stand and boxed all of my books which came to about 7 Xerox boxes of books (by the way, these boxes are awesome for packing anything). I’ve been giving some of the paperbook ones away to students at the hospital but still have scores left. I refuse to give away my hardback books though because most of them are 1st editions. Sometimes the actual books are cheaper than the electronic versions but I have to wrestle with myself in that do I really have the room? Which I don’t anymore.

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