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bugFriday morning I agreed to help move some computers on campus to a storage area, per say, while these peoples offices received new carpeting over the weekend. This is actually part of my internship there but normally I don’t work Fridays.

Anywho, we made our little congo line of portable carts across campus and we went to work breaking down the pcs to move them in batches to make sure everybody kept the same crap that started with. I got to the third office and was breaking down the equipment when what do I run across? Freaking glue traps you use for vermin but these ones had damn water bugs and cockroaches stuck to them. Now, that was gross enough you’d have thought right? Nuh uh, these things looked like they had been there for a couple years. It was gross.

These people must not have very good cleaning people either because the filth was unreal.

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