Contemplation or Solitude?

April 13, 2011 @ 9:37 PM | General with Comments Off on Contemplation or Solitude? | Print This Post

So I have been wondering what the deal is with the roommate. The roommate never comes out of the room except to grab some food or destroying the toilet it seems. I guess I could see this happening if perhaps I moved in with someone as well because i am invading their space in a sense. I’d assume if there was a bathroom in the room I’d see even less but there is not so I do. Even though this place is small, the bonus was the fact that it had 2 floors because I feel even more closed up if it just had 1 floor. I go a little less stir crazy now than I did before. Having a nice garden to look out from one of the windows is nice too. So I guess, to me anyways, staying in the room all the time would put me over the edge. But then again, I’m not that big of a conversationalist either so I could see the plus side now too. Decisions, decisions.

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