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Wow, just wow. So my bosses last day is officially May 1st. As he is retiring he cannot legally work for 15 days. He said he would work a day here or there in an emergency only situation. The current division head already has him working every Monday on his normal clinic days. It just astounds me at how they do not want to work. We have a new physician arriving in July so they want him to work every Monday until she gets there and they still want to hire another physician after that. Let me tell you folks, there is NO money for all these physicians. They don’t see that many patients and don’t bring in that much research opportunities for funds. I am currently making sure all the funds I’ve gathered for our kidney camp gets to the proper place now before I leave in August so they won’t claim it as their own money. I managed to get them about $8k and have asked them to send me a letter requesting the entire amount to be held in their accounts. I hope to be able to still continue to take the kids to camp as well as I like doing that. It is exhausting but the main point is that the kids have fun going so that alone is enough. I already have a list of kids picked out for next year too and will have to make sure whomever they hire gets those applications sent in on time.

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