Apparently I’m the Maid

March 27, 2011 @ 3:28 PM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Apparently I’m the Maid | Print This Post

It has been a couple weeks now. So far I’ve been cleaning something up almost on a daily basis because it drives me absofrickenlutely apeshit when the kitchen is dirty. I am prone to getting mice in here every spring for whatever reason they sneak in. I deal with it. Crummies are not something I like having around on the kitchen counters. Neither are grease spots.

The roommate will clean utensils or dishes used and leave them in the strainer I have in one side of the sink. I usually end up taking those items and placing them in the dishwasher because they aren’t clean. In fact, some of the stuff still had grease all over it *shivers*. I mean does the roommate know what hot water is? Does the roommate know what dish soap is too? The roommate uses the sponge thing I use to clean the dishes but when I rinse something off in the sink or clean my water bottles I use the sponge and have to clean that first before I start using it. It is full of nasty water because the roommate does not squeeze it all out when done with it.

I’ve already cleaned the bathroom a few times and the toilet? Nasty. How do you miss pooing in the toilet verses the toilet seat itself? I feel like I’m at work with the nasty heathens there because they know they do not have to clean the bathroom since they are not at home.

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