All A’s

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lettera I managed to squeak out all A’s this semester WOOT!

I was kind of iffy on the Cisco class although since I got an 87 on the final and all my homework assignments were A’s as well as my case project and case study, in which the case study, case project and final, were half my grade that should’ve given me a clue as to my grade especially when all my quizzes were A’s.

Anywho, been reading a lot for fun. I have finished 3 books so far and halfway through my fourth one which I started last night. I love reading. And with the over 100 books on my Nook I won’t be short of them. If you have a Nook just let me know and we can lend books to each other like a library so you don’t have to buy them if they have a price on them. I have gotten nearly 80% of my book collection for free and have not been disappointed yet and have even expanded my selection of authors to read. So far I have read:


Right now I’m working on the 4th in the series of Sylvia Nobel’s Kendall O’Dell series.

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