A Week Off

August 22, 2012 @ 8:40 PM | General with Comments Off on A Week Off | Print This Post

So my 10 days off in between semesters pretty much consisted of me having a few drinks every night. With that last week of work on the week I was off from college was driving me crazy because the people were driving me crazy. Yes, you will have to do A LOT of stuff now that I’m gone because I handled all that shit. No, the person you hire will not be doing what I did because I shouldn’t have been doing any of it either but when you have just one physician, one nurse, and me someone’s gotta help out and do stuff with thousands of patients we see.

I don’t have to technically get up at O’dark hour anymore but the dogs haven’t figured that out yet so I’m getting up around 6-6:30 AM to let them potty and then I go back to sleep. Most days I get up at 8 AM because I either want to get to a gym class at 9:30 or have to be at class by 9:45 AM.

At this point I still think I’m on a vacation but it’s already wearing thin. I don’t do well when I don’t have things to do and even with a full course load I’m still bored. I gotta find a part-time job somewhere once I get my internship schedule settled at the college. That’s only like 5-10 hours a week so I could do that in between the classes I have on Tuesday and still have M/W/F essentially free because the only class I have on M/W is a 7:30 PM class.

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