Where to Begin

June 23, 2011 @ 10:25 PM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Where to Begin | Print This Post

At this point I am just exhausted of the entire situation. I was on holiday for a week and came back to a nasty, dirty place. I cleaned the bathroom because I wanted it clean before I used it the next day when I finally woke because I was just too plain tired to take a shower once I got home and picked up my animals. Yes, I actually placed my animals in a kennel while I was on holiday because I do not trust the roomie to take care of them since the roomie cannot even fill a water dish so they do not become dehydrated. And considering one of the animals is in liver failure that is a most severe factor because that is a side effect of the liver failure.

Later, I find more trash in one of the rooms with the trash can full because the roomie did not see fit to cart it to the curb for pick up. Once I emptied the room of trash, I go back and find MORE trash in there. I mean what in the hell?

Then I have these air freshener things in the bathrooms and the roomie used them all up because I saw an extra one there which I did not place. I lifted the 2 original ones and they were empty. Well what the fuck roomie? You cannot even dispose of the empties but just leave them there for me to do? I am actually shocked the roomie bought something but it won’t last. The one bathrooms almost out of paper. We’ll see how this plays out. I swear this just pisses me off more each day.

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