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daycampSorry I haven’t been able to do the weekly meme. I have been slammed with 2 weeks of homework that I have to do in one week due to me taking the kids to kidney camp again this year. This happens every summer but for some reason I have an exceptional amount of homework in these 3 classes I’m taking. I’ve got most of it done but still have 3 baby quizzes, one cumulative exam, and a lab to do. The lab is easy peasy as you just follow the instructions and take screenshots which is the most time consuming. The quizzes are another matter all together. I already took one and it was 15 questions in 15 minutes. I mean WTF? One minute for each question? Holy shit. I still have to finish reading the chapters. Not sure how much I’m going to retain though.

I didn’t have to go to work today as the college closed all campuses for employees and students as of last night due to Tropical Storm Andrea. Nothing happened except rain people. Sure, some people lost power but nothing drastic like they always make things out to be. I slept in since I’m dead tired. Of course slept in meant around 8 AM oddly enough. I was up until 2 AM doing one lab last night. I’m always dead tired when I get back from camp too so it will be interesting to how well I function to do some other homework/quiz stuff I’m going to let wait until I get back because I just can’t cram it all in. I always let the instructors know about camp just in case I can’t seem to get it all done or I just become to fried to understand anything which is happening now. I may email the instructor about the cumulative exam and see if I can’t postpone that one because I’m not sure if I can do well on it at this point.

Yep, this is an exact copy so if you’ve read it once you don’t have to read it again lol

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    Small Town Mommy // June 17th, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    We got the same threatening report from Andrea but it was fine here too. I even kept electricity which means it was nothing.