Water Waster

June 2, 2011 @ 1:52 PM | Annoyed with Comments Off on Water Waster | Print This Post

So the past few months I have been getting extra bills from my water company because paying my normal amount isn’t working anymore. The roommate must just let the water run all damn day to get it higher than the normal allotment because nothing actually gets cleaned. I can attest to that one. I actually keep wipes in the bathroom now so when I need to use the facilities I wipe it down before I sit. I just can’t figure it out. The electric price spiked as well. Must be from leaving the effing television on all damn night that I have to hear along with the roommates snoring, which by the way, can be heard over my animals snoring. Now what does that tell you?

Forgot to mention I know that the water isn’t being used for my animals because this was the second day that they were out of water in their dish. I mean what THE fuck?? REALLY??

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