Upcoming Surgery

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Well, the roomie is gone as of the very last day last month. Things are slowly getting back to normal, whatever that may be. All the dishes have been found that I can see. I immediately put everything in the dishwasher that very same night. The roomie just left the key on the table and left once everything was gone. Although the roomie did forget a few things. Not really my gain since I don’t want the stuff. And, I was right no money for the electric bill. The roomie was nice enough to leave a big bag of trash in the room for me to take care of. I also had to vacuum and clean the windows because there was grease all over them *gag*. I also immediately moved all the boxes I had in my closets back into that closet so I have more space now. My neighbor and myself made a deal if we ever utter another word about letting someone stay with us no matter how long we were going to smack each other in the face.

My eye still twitches. My widsom teeth extraction is this Thursday. Hopefully they give me something stronger than what I got last time because that did not work at all and luckily I had some extra Percocet that I use for my back laying around. The top ones are so very close to my sinus cavity too so lets hope they don’t bust through that too as it is a very distinct possibility. Once the wisdom teeth are removed I get to wait a few months for that to heal since I have vacations planned for November and December and then next year schedule the surgery for my TMJ. Whether they do one side or both sides at the same time is still debatable since I have it on both sides (lucky me). I just want to go a day without having a throbbing headache on the entire right side of my head front and back as well as to be able to chew without pain. Motrin has become my very bested friend as of recently.

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