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I think I’m beginning to lose it. Not only is one eye all twitchy but both of them are at this point. I hardly get any sleep now from the television, radio, games, etc that goes on in the roomies room well into the night. Recently the roomie went out for the evening only to never come back but have all the lights left on as well as a radio I think. I couldn’t really find where the noise was coming from aside from some speakers plugged into this box. At first I thought it was the television because that was on as well but when I finally found the off button the noise was still there. Then I had to trace the wires back from the speakers to the originating thing and unscrew it from the back. All this happened at 3 fucking AM. I then promptly left a big ass note taped to the roomies door that I went in to shut the shit off. I just don’t understand the roomie. Electricity must grow on trees to the roomie.

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