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You know if I could leave this place like right this minute and have 2 months covered until I receive my vacation leave in one bulk sum I would. I just do not understand some of the stuff that is going on and why they are doing it because it is no way beneficial to the patients at all. It’s like they just want the money but not do any work for it.

I’m just so tired physically and mentally with all of it. I go speak with financial aid next week when I’m off on a holiday as well as get a new eye prescription because I can’t see shit at this point. It is like my eyesight plummeted in a day. Anywho, hopefully I will have the acknowledgement that I can get a student loan for the fall semester since I can’t get a Pell Grant as I made too much money last year. This way I can quit and do work study for the fall semester and live off of the student loan money that is left over after the semester and books are paid for.

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