She’s Lost It

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dogs I’m mowing the lawns, after I finally get some sleep before it gets too hot upstairs, and the owner stops me to ask which bedroom I want to lock the dogs in upstairs while a completely new a/c unit gets installed in my place. There is NO a/c of any kind upstairs. The guys have to replace a piece that is also in my attic. To do all of this they will have to cut the power which will cut the window unit that is going downstairs off. She’s completely gone off the reservation on this one. I told her that that CANNOT happen because there is no air up there and that the dogs will go into heat stroke if she does that.

Then she asks, well do you have leashes for them and I could tie them up in the backyard in the shade? Again, she’s lost it. The dogs would not be able to move AT ALL on leashes tied to anything. WHAT THE EFF?!?

Then she proceeds to tell me that it will be $4000 to replace the a/c unit instead of the $1500 that was quoted to her before as they thought it would just be the outside piece that needs replacing. Since they found the leak in the attic piece the entire thing needs to be redone because it’s soo effin old.

She hasn’t mentioned to me how much she wants to raise the rent again this time but I’m already looking to move some place else because this is just insane. Me moving will hurt her to because she’ll actually have to redo the carpet in the entire place and should do the kitchen tiles too but probably wouldn’t. The carpet has not been replaced in the 14+ years I have lived here. It does not even stay tacked down in front of the door and stairway because of the traffic. The electrical outlets in both of the bathrooms do not work and she has been told the only way to fix that is to rewire the entire place, which she is not willing to do either. Then, in the utility room, which is outside the main place, looks like shit because they busted down the wall on my side to fix a leak in the wall from her water heater. They just put some plywood up instead of sheetrock and didn’t seal it very well.

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