Save me from the Insanity

April 25, 2012 @ 3:03 AM | General with Comments Off on Save me from the Insanity | Print This Post

These people are just about dumb. You just have no idea. The nurse manager we finally got away from is now the nurse manager where we are because they fired the last one we actually LOVED because she did not have a Masters. Unfreakin believable! She actually moved back to NC and got the same damn job she got fired from at another hospital with just her Bachelors.

So the dolt we are dealing with now is changing patient rooms around, changing offices into patient rooms, other rooms into other stuff. It’s utter insanity. So pulmonary had 5 rooms and one just got taken away to be used for a certain test they do up there. This ONE physician starting bitching he wanted another room (now mind you you can only see ONE patient at a time) and so OUR triage room where the nurse takes vitals, etc has to give up her room. Do you know where they want to put her since the initial idea of doing vitals in the hallway got kabashed because she’s an idiot for even thinking that would go over well? Do YOU? THE FRICKEN SUPPLY CLOSET!! Unfreakin believable!!

NO way will that happen, the first patient they bring in there will walk back out, bet money on it because that is beyond disrespectful to the patient and parent and to our division representing the hospital. Unfreakin believable!

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