Post Surgery

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Honestly, this is what my mouth felt like yesterday. The surgery was done last Thursday and I had to go home and take an Atarax to stop the itching that was going on. Those dumbasses actually still used Novacaine on me and said well everythings synthetic these days. Guess what, I’m still allergic asshats. Got me some Percocet and Motrin to go home with and I was out of there within an hour. I pretty much slept Thursday and Friday away in between taking pills with chocolate milk and letting the dogs in and out.

The left side was and still is the worst side. It bled continuously for HOURS after surgery. Finally I got tired of shoving gauze up there and just let it drain. Nasty I know but the gauze was making me feel worse. My cheeks puffed up to a pumpkin later Thursday and even more so on Friday. Saturday didn’t have any improvement but I saw some improvement on Sunday, even more so on Monday when I came back to work. By Wednesday I figured I’d try hard solid foods even though I was still in pain and ate some chicken. HUGE mistake. That was the day a rip roaring infection started and by yesterday I had this humongous puss filled pocket. Waited until they opened, called them up and walked down to them since my office is one floor up from them. They had to give me a local which I haven’t had in YEARS because they don’t work and I’m allergic to everything else. They re cut open the left side and drained it, flushed it, and gave me another script for antibiotics. Lucky me.

The original stitches finally came out this morning on the right side and the left sides original stitches came out the very next day after surgery. I honestly think it was a bad job on the left all around. I’ve never had this much trouble. Probably next week the stitches they put in yesterday will come out. What killed me was I couldn’t go home after that procedure because of clinic. So I had gauze packed in on the left and went about the campus. The doctors in this place are such fucking whiner babies and can’t do shit on their own it just astounds me.

I still cannot open my mouth all the way up when eating food quite yet but can manage a yawn with no issues. Both sides of my jaw still pop, with the right being the worst. Still having the occipital headaches so the TMJ surgery will be next year sometime when I don’t have things planned.

Oh, on a side note, a month after the roomie is gone I receive my electric bill. It is almost 59 euro less than last months. The roomie is someone elses problem now and I’ve already made a pack with my neighbor that if I even talk about having another one she is going to smack me in the face.

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