It’s a Monday People

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brokenpc Haven’t been over here in a while. Things have gone crazy this summer and I’m not really doing anything except working and taking classes. I also took the kids to camp like I do every year. Never set yourself up with TWO history classes and a C++ programming class in one semester. Either way, I’m getting it done until the research papers are due next month and then I’m gonna drown in writing.

Today was a disaster at work too. I got in a 6 AM as I am early shift this week and hoping to get some homework done prior to the due dates so I can work on the research papers. So far I haven’t managed that as I got home at 3:30 and it’s over 2 hours later now.

So what happened today? Well, anything that could break essentially did. One of the modules in our medical record system went kaput because apparently they wanted us to use the new updated module that we received just last week but haven’t tested yet. Over the weekend they killed the older version without letting anybody know. Of course the module they killed off was the communication module between the staff and doctors.

So, we were getting tons of emails in from that as well as phone calls UNTIL the email went down. Yep, both servers had a failure. Go figure. So then we were getting phone calls only to then realize that the phone system was going wonky too and you couldn’t call certain numbers and it was a hit or miss as to the number you were dialing that worked or not. So essentially every single form of communication was hit lol

Fun times eh?

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