I’m Over It

August 15, 2011 @ 7:12 PM | Annoyed with Comments Off on I’m Over It | Print This Post

Well, since the last post of course there have been things. Same shit a different day. No consideration for anybody but the roomie. I can’t even go to bed early without having an extra pillow over my ears to cut out some of the noise. The final straw came when I went to see my dentist because I was having pain in my jaw again and could not close my mouth properly. That coupled with the fact that I have been grinding and clenching my teeth for weeks, if not months did not help the situation. I only do that when I’m stressed and boy has that been apparent. My top wisdom teeth are coming it to which I have to have them cut out under anesthesia. That’s only the first surgery and doesn’t bother me too much because I had my bottom wisdom teeth cut out probably about 10 or so years ago. I have the same symptoms I did back then except for the part where my face is numb because these aren’t wrapped around nerves like the bottom ones were.

The second surgery or even a third depending on if they cannot do both sides of my jaw all at once is to have TMJ surgery. I have had this for close to 20 years. My jaw will actually dislocate and has happened only twice thankfully but the first time scared the shit out of me because I couldn’t open, close or anything. I had to physical move the jaw back to the right side to set it in place. All of that happened while just opening my mouth further than I should have apparently and I try not to do that anymore. Not even at the dentist when I go for my twice yearly teeth cleaning. As it stands now no matter how far I open my mouth I hear a popping sound in the right side of my jaw which has been going on for close to 20 years. Well, I have the good fortune of having the other side do the same thing now from all the stress. They even pulled in one of the oral surgeons to check it out because my dentist could not believe it was that bad. Lucky me.

First appointment I could get to see the oral surgeon is in September. In the meantime I’m eating NSAID’s like candy :/ However, if the pain or jaw hinge issues compound I may end up as an emergent wisdom teeth extraction to the student clinic like the last time. I told the roomie Saturday you gots to go. The stress is too much. The roomie had the nerve to ask is it me? Fuck ya you douche. The roomie says well since I paid for the month I’ll be out by the end of the month. Sure okay, what about the electric you racked up while here for that month? I can guarantee I won’t see any of that. At this point I don’t give a shit so long as the roomie leaves.

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