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Monday, November 5th, 2012 | Annoyed with Comments Off on Sabotage

Talked with my ex coworker today about the witch. Apparently she still hasn’t done anything. She finally got access to the medical records system and the scheduling system but is refusing to schedule the patients now. Hows that? She still hasn’t done any filing. Apparently she spends A LOT of her time on the phone talking to who knows but it is not work related. My ex coworker is eagerly waiting for anyone to ask her how she thinks the witch is doing so she can say everything that has been going on and what she has been saying to everybody but the physicians and the nurse about how she just wanted in the door and then to transfer. I still would love to know where she really wants to go though.

I also mentioned to my ex coworker that I was still looking for a job and that I have been applying across the board from retail, fast food, restaurants, admin in any field to IT which is what my degrees are in. I have only been denied on 2 occasions (one with the post office which didn’t make sense and another one I can’t even remember now). All the many other applications I have applied for I have not heard one iota. She did say oh ya I did hear her ask who she should transfer a couple calls to about verifying employment. Obviously that would be me because my boss is retired. Anyways, she was told to send them to the 2nd person in control of our departments HR instead of the main HR which is probably where it should have gone since I was there longer than the 17 years in that one department. Ya, I don’t foresee that going over well. Most everybody over in that area dislikes me because I don’t cower down to stupidity.

Paranoid Much?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 | Annoyed with Comments Off on Paranoid Much?

Oh my gosh some people shouldn’t have administrative rights to their work computers, much less a computer in general. The dean at the college is always having to get a new image on his computer because he keeps changing everything in his registry “to make it more secure” as he puts it. 😕

Now take a guess at “who” the people are that are trying to get into his system. The Chinese. Uhh, yeah..

I think he’s going to lose his admin rights to be able to do this stuff this go around. This will be his fifth re image this month alone. The time before this one, his computer was re imaged and within that same day he was already calling the helpdesk back saying it computer was screwed up again because he CHANGED THE REGISTRY.



Monday, October 15th, 2012 | Annoyed with Comments Off on Ignored

So my boss retired from the hospital July 1st after 29 years at the institution. This past Wednesday they had his retirement party. I know right? I say party in a very loose term as it was more of a wine and cheese thing with this cheesy ass slide show. I wanted to hurl almost it was so bad.

I was chatting with our nurse who still works there and the nurse from the clinic who also retired in July. One of the docs who still works there came up to us and didn’t say hi, how you doing, what’s been going on since you have left but immediately asked the nurse who still works there a question and walked off. Unreal. I didn’t even bring it up, Ms. Rose, the retired clinic nurse said something to me about it right afterwards lol.

I could only stay an hour which was how long the presentation lasted and then I had to head to class. I’m sure we’ll talk about it when we have lunch or something because I still talk to my boss and nurses.

Replacement is a Dumbass

Friday, October 5th, 2012 | Annoyed with 2 Comments

So there is finally somebody hired in my former position. That woman has already fucked up bad. First, she has NO experience in the hospital field. She has NO idea about any of the specific programs needed for the job.

I left 3-pages of directions regarding files on the computer as well as file cabinets and most everything else I could think of. I even separated it all into sections with regards to programs and what is needed for each one. The very FIRST day on the job she had the IT person DELETE Wordperfect. I personally love that program over Word and used it for just about everything because it is easy to do the forms I needed.

Now my first issue was that she didn’t know how to delete something which tells me she’s not that computer savvy. The second is that she obviously did NOT read those instructions if she had that program deleted.

I’ve already gotten texts that she told my coworker she needed to print out more fax sheets and couldn’t find the file. She told her it was there yesterday because she saw it and then told her she didn’t have Wordperfect anymore. Coworker said – I guess you have a problem then lol.

One of the docs asked her today to make her more prescriptions. Oops. No Wordperfect to be able to print those out. She had to type that shit out all over again and I’ll bet dollars to none she wasn’t able to get 4 of them on one sheet like I was able to do. Dumbass!

She complained to coworker that she had nothing to do. There are like 20 tests each for the scheduling system and medical records system online before you can even get to the actual class for access. And apparently a massive amount of filing. Coworker asked her if she finished any of that and she said no. HELLO!?!

It can only get worse I’m almost positive. Coworker and nurse also don’t think she’ll stay either. Once you’re in the system its easier to transfer. She’s got her foot in now so we’ll see.

You’d Have Thought I Was Dying

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 | Annoyed with Comments Off on You’d Have Thought I Was Dying

I swear at the rate my leaving has gone through the hospital you’d swear I was on my death bed.

There has never been any great love between me and most of the chairman’s office because I don’t play their idiotic and childish games. I have a brain and I’m damn sure going to use it and if it doesn’t fit in with what you’re thinking so be it.

That being said I just wanted to quietly go out next Friday without so much as a whooped de do. Boy was I wrong. I should have known better to because those people are blabber mouths extraordinaire. One of the many things that irritates me about those people. I also heard through the grapevine that they want me to train whomever they hire. Now mind you I put in my 2 weeks notice last Friday. A generic job description got posted for SIX, yes count them SIX days only. Not sure how you are going to get much talent in those 6 days and most likely miss just about everybody who would even want to apply due to the short time frame.

They are absolutely nuts which is making me nuts at this point and my 7 days left can’t go by fast enough. Funny part of all of this is to is the fact that I STILL need to take some vacation days off because they will only pay me 360 hours of vacation leave and I have more than that. That’s okay, I’m gonna be laughing my ass all the way to the bank in 2 months when I get that check. That’s what I plan on living on and part of my school loans until June. Plus a part-time job.

Wow, Just Wow

Saturday, August 4th, 2012 | Annoyed with Comments Off on Wow, Just Wow

Well, I put in my 2 week notice today. I was a bit taken aback due to the fact that he was so nice and then proceeded to hug me. 😕

This is the guy that tried to get me fired when he first got there because our personalities clash. This is the guy who’s gonna run the division into the drain because he has no idea what he’s doing regarding the financial side of everything. Whatev, 2 weeks to go.

Then our nurse proceeded to tell me I need to stay to make up 28 years for full retirement. I went off on her because I am sick to death of people telling me what I NEED to do. It’s MY damn retirement, MY damn life and I’ll do what makes ME happy. I’m not living for someone else. I still get the money when I hit 65 so who cares if it isn’t the FULL amount. Holy shit people. I know I won’t get the full amount and I’m not taking it out of the system so it will still grow. People need to mind their own damn retirement instead of mine.